Microsoft SQL Server has evolved into a vast product encompassing a broad range of tools and technologies. Accordingly, the traditional DBA job has morphed into many specialty roles with a common purpose – making data more available and more useful.

I have spent over 20 years working in both system & network engineering and web & software engineering at large and small companies across various industries. I find working with Microsoft SQL Server to be the most rewarding application of several IT skills. I appreciate both the science and the art of developing technology solutions. In addition to solving technology problems, I also enjoy writing about them when I can find the time.

Troubleshooting is like being a detective solving a whodunit mystery. It’s a process of uncovering digital clues, connecting the dots, and following up on potential leads to arrive at the eventual solution – cracking the case.

The SQL community has been great resource to me and I hope to help connect some dots for others.