Accessing Multiple Cluster Instances without Instance Names

Since I was installing a dual instance cluster, I had setup two virtual SQL database names with different IP address and the second instance required a non-default instance name. However, I wanted to access both instances using the virtual name and I found I could do that by setting both of them to listen on port 1433. Now SSMS and other applications can access the second instance using only the SQL server name.

For example,

SQLCLUST2012 – default instance name
SQLCLUST2008\SQL2008 – named instance

Can now be accessed simply by their SQL virtual database name


Accessing a clustered SQL Server instance without the instance name.

Note: some problems have been noted with older tools accessing the instance name in this manner.

More details can be found at Ryan McCauley’s blog

Another method for non-clustered servers with multiple instances is to establish an alias for each instance.


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